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The mission of our Keep God In Your Business non-profit organization is to enrich humanity by strengthening and encourage faith-based entrepreneurs and families in need. While remaining flexible in our approach, we give priority to providing for the needs of and ensuring the future of faith-based people and respecting our legacy and commitment to the community. 
The purpose of the Keep God In Your Business non-profit organization is the promote economic development through increased exposure for faith-based businesses. Faith-based businesses have the opportunity to showcase their products or services to the public. We also will give an opportunity for major corporations and government entities to develop viable working relationships with faith-based businesses while marketing their products and services to grow the consumer market. We also are a support group to connect, encourage and inspire individuals through peer-to-peer support. Aside from the economic development, exposure to cultural resources is a port of our focus for this organization.

The Keep God In Your Business organization unifies and galvanizes the field of faith-based entrepreneurship and significantly increases the number of individuals to transformative professional fields of being an effective CEO, assuring a vibrant North American faith-based community.

Resources with our organization turn aspiring entrepreneurs or existing companies into spirited and engaged faith-based leaders, laying the groundwork for strong faith-based communities. Our organization for faith-based entrepreneurship aspires to elevate the field of more leaders in and outside the church.


Conferring proper recognition and granting appropriate support to expand its impact across our community. We understand how imperative it is to Keep God In Your Business and the need to share this critical element of every faith-based believer's journey of entrepreneurship.

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