Daniel Wagner - Yes, Jesus Loves Me

"I grew up in Anderson with a family that did a great job of raising me in the church and taught me the Bible, but I never understood that Jesus wanted to have a true relationship with me. I entered into high school with no friends and felt so alone. I felt like I wasn't cool, funny, or attractive enough for anyone to love me.

When a group of the cool guys invited me to come play soccer with them after school in 9th grade, my life began to change as they accepted me as friends. They invited me to Fuse Student Ministry where I heard that Jesus loved me and wanted a relationship with me and I got saved in May of 2010. Those friends became my fuse group, then my best friends.

Over the years, the Lord has absolutely changed my life. He has given me a purpose, filled my life with joy and hope and I'm so excited to wake up every morning.

It hasn't always been the smoothest road. There have been seasons that I was terrified of my future, I didn't want to keep going and depression was dominating my life, and the mistakes I've made felt like they would take everything good out of my life.

However, Jesus loves me and is constantly in the process of redeeming. I know that I'm loved and that the Lord has a great plan for me. I have spent the last 23 months with Rachel and it's continued to show me more and more of how good the Lord is to me and how his grace is redeeming everything." #gotestify


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