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Updated: Aug 14

Over ten years ago, Brittany Matthews had self-produced her own show to broadcasting her older brother's new business and desired to become a news reporter to go behind the scenes to promote unique stories. She never in a million years believed that she would develop and own a television network for others to promote themselves by sharing their story.

Coming from a family of faith-based entrepreneurs taught her about how to rely on God for instruction while running a business. Time permitted itself for her to give up the normal eight to five workday to become a full-time wife, mother, and business owner.

TPL Network is the network to connect communities nation-wide, uplift viewers, and promote positive news.

We believe that our network is helping people get noticed by, "Putting the real back into reality." TPL Network is intended to show promote community leaders, non-profit organizations, locally-owned businesses, and students.

On Roku, The Promotion Lady broadcasts it's not limited to small business owners, but those who have overcome, etc. Her show inspires viewers through sharing success stories of what it took for individuals to overcome.

The Promotion Lady Show is on Roku TV

- Launched in 2018

- Debuted in North America

- Targeting Women & Men 18-60

- The Promotion Lady Show is a service of The Promotion Lady, LLC

- TPL Network headquarter is in Columbia, SC



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The Promotion Lady Show hosts motivational interviews to promote successful leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and non-profit organizations.


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