Marques Thomas - Imperfect Me

"When we were challenged to share our testimony’s I was scared of how I would be judged but God has been too good to me so here it is. I grew up not knowing(still not knowing) my biological father. I spend the majority of my life not feeling good enough because if my father didn’t want me then who would. I used sports and good grades to try to gain acceptance and prove to myself that I was good enough. Luckily I had a mother who kept me in church for every service possible but I viewed church as a place of nothing but rules that you had to follow to get to heaven. Then I noticed that most people in the church only followed them on Sunday but would talk about what everybody else was doing behind there backs and act like they were better than other people. I thought church was full of hypocrites and as soon as I was able to get away I did. For years I lived the life that I thought was freedom: drinking, smoking weed, partying, sex, etc but It wasn’t until till multiple invitations to a different kind of a church did i start back. God saved me at Newspring. I realized that I didn’t have to be perfect to follow Jesus, that he wanted to save and accept me as I was, and that I had a spiritual father who loved me regardless of my past. I am by no means perfect and sin free but i now know that god has forgiven me of my sins and that he is changing and molding me daily. As I continue to seek him, I fall in love with Jesus more and more each day. I’m learning that by trusting god fully in everything I am experiencing true freedom" #gotestify


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