Opportunity to refine your presentation and elevator pitch. A supportive network including coaching one of our organizers.​ A diverse audience to engage with and the opportunity for exposure. 

You'll be on a panel to tell your community who you are, what you're doing and what it took for you to overcome obstacles. Our supportive community understands the importance of working as a unit to better serve the community. 

You will be featured on our national television network TPL NETWORK that is aired on Roku TV. You will also have the potential to receive local, regional or national media coverage on your business.

Download The Promotion Lady mobile app and get the tools you need for making apps and add courses to value to your business. Watch full episodes of our TV show whenever and wherever you want. The Promotion Lady Network ROKU Channell is free and available to your subscription through a participating TV provider.



The Promotion Lady Show hosts motivational interviews to promote successful leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and non-profit organizations.


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