Who is the promotion lady?

Talk show host, producer, businesswoman and philanthropist, Brittany Matthews has several titles attached to her name. In her shows, thousands of viewers can clearly see her energy, outgoing personality, positivity, encouragement, and awareness about other people. Her definition of promotion is about capturing the authenticity of positive people who have the vision of being unstoppable and sharing their passion with the world. Brittany Matthews is a transformational leader who thrives on inspiring others. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel to see who is getting noticed within your community!

what do we do?

We are producing quality videos to air on our television network on Roku TV. We have over twelve years of experience in marketing, advertising, and design. Our track record of working with over 200 companies proves that we actually enjoy what we do!

We have launched "The Promotion Lady Show" that is designed to broadcast entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and community leaders with exclusive interviews by sharing their success stories to uplift the community.

We are passionate people who understand the need for brand awareness. Let us promote you with prestige to our growing community of quality professionals through our media platforms and our ultimate goal is to connect faith-based entrepreneurs.


The Promotion Lady offers a variety of innovative solutions to assist professional clientele in developing a signature brand or individual digital platform.

productions & television

TPL Network is your home for free, live, and premium TV. Discover and stream an ever changing selection of people who are making a positive difference in their community. We can easily add and manage your broadcast that will also be stream through our mobile app. 

We are looking for those who want their own television broadcast or want to advertise their commercials such as:

Talk Shows - Health & Wellness - Educational - Webinars - Musicians - Film Makers


We can promote you with your own video on The Promotion Lady Show. We have a portable studio where we can come travel to your event to host interviews and share highlights. 


We also provide special advertising opportunities through our mobile app that will increase your ROI.  


Event Promotion - Promotional Products - Exclusive Interviews -

speaking & training

Have The Promotion Lady to speak at your next event or seminar.  We are available for exclusive training to get your business to the next level. Join our non-profit organization "Keep God In Your Business" to connect with other faith-based companies. Contact us today!​


Motivational/Platform Speaker - Seminar Faciliator 

The Keep God In Your Business NPO creates opportunities for faith-based entrepreneurs to meet, present and support one another to strengthen peer network. Meet up with our non-profit organization to connect with other faith-based companies. Contact us today!​

Founder & President 



The Promotion Lady Show hosts motivational interviews to promote successful leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and non-profit organizations.


Contact us if you want to sponsor your episode that will be nationally broadcast on our TV show HERE.


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